Thursday 19 January 2012

There and back again (Janathon day 19)

Day 19 started with rain, lots of it.

I took this photo a few years ago, alas there is no rain in it (photo: me)

As you may remember from day eighteen's post, I am staying in London for a couple of nights and my exercise will be in the shape of commute-runs between Westminster and Bermondsey.


The morning run was nice enough, not too many people around. Had to stop quite a lot due to the crazy amounts of side roads and traffic lights I had to negotiate, Then there was the rain, in itself not a problem. However, I couldn't avoid all of the puddles and my shoes gradually filled with water.

I arrived at work, hung my dripping wet clothes over the radiators. Found a spot where my shoes would have a fighting chance to dry out and carried on with my day. I would be needing my kit again to run back to Bermondsey after work.

...and back again

I finished work and went to see if my kit had dried out. My top, tights, shorts and hat were all fine. After how wet the shoes were I was surprised to find that they had also dried out.

Off I went, as I had already run once today I decided to stick to the shorter, but busier route. I avoided the elephant and castle because I don't like losing my GPS signal in the subways. After dodging a loose dog on a pavement in Bermondsey (typical) and getting caught at loads of road crossings, I arrived at my destination.

Morning run - 5.8km (31 minutes)
Evening run - 6.1km (33 minutes)
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