Friday 20 January 2012

Limits (Janathon day 20)

Janathon day 20, the last day of my commute-runs from Bermondsey.

Bermondsey. I think this is from 1918

After a weird late night on Thursday I had to be woken by my emergency alarm on Friday morning.

In the space of 38 hours I embarked on four runs and covered a total distance of 25.5km, under normal circumstances that would be fine, but it has been hard work on my significantly-less-than-100% hamstrings, and today they complained every step of the way.

I took the most direct route to work and was relieved when I finally reached Westminster Bridge.

I am going to take a day off from running over the weekend. I just have to work out which one. If I pick Saturday (the sensible option) it will mean missing the parkrun. If I pick Sunday (my preferred option) it means that I still have another 5k of running to do before resting.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to running in Tonbridge, what with its less intimidating residents and, by comparison, completely empty roads.

5.4km (29 minutes)

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