Saturday 21 January 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun thirty-two (Janathon day 21)

Sitting at home the night before parkrun, I had convinced myself that I was going to stay in bed on Saturday morning thus missing a parkrun for the first time in over six months. The evening went on and I sunk further into a self pity. I could not be bothered to move, let alone get up before sunrise. My parkrun mojo had disappeared.

Then I received an email notifying me of a blog comment from the Riddlesdown race director (@nickiclark), it was the continuation of a conversation from earlier in the day where I had said, in reference to the parkrun, 'whatever happens we'll be there'. Her words were simple but effective 'look forward to seeing you all'. After that message there was no way I could not turn up.

Saturday morning arrived and we headed off to parkrun.

(photo: Cameron Bew)

Earlier in the month I had made some very vague arrangements with @rencestar (blog: runReNcErun) regarding him coming along to parkrun to run with me during our Janathon challenge. I wasn't entirely sure if he was coming or not, but soon after we arrived he magically appeared from somewhere and we headed off to the start line.

We hadn't seen each other since long before Christmas so this was always going to be a social run. We lined up at the back and before we knew it were slowly meandering along the first kilometre chatting away. Soon we found @buriyako (blog: buriyako) who is doing is own version of Janathon, which is basically the same as the official Janathon but with weekly blog posts instead of daily.

(photo: Nicki Clark)

By the time we found the half-way point the eventual winner already had the finish line in sight.

We meandered some more, slightly increasing the pace through the second half. We finally crossed the finish line after more than half-an-hour.

By the way, Mrs7t and the baby came along as always, but as the baby was asleep upon arrival they both stayed in the car. It was probably quite a good decision. It was pretty windy out there.

With the running for the day finished it was time to head off for coffee at The Good Companions pub, which also included cake and yoga. Unfortunately both of my Janathon buddies had to leave straight after the run, so they missed my pitiful demonstration of the pigeon pose.

For Janathon:
5km (over 30 minutes)

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