Thursday 26 January 2012

Hoppípolla (Janathon day 26)

The weather forecast for the morning of Janathon day 26 was for heavy rain. Heavy rain has never stopped me going for a run before and it certainly wasn't going to today...

some things i must not forget (i removed some personal details from the id tag - badly)

.. I stepped out onto the wet high street, the rain was not as bad as the forecast had suggested. However, it had been raining all night and was still coming down.

If the sun had woken up I could have avoided them, but at 6.xx in the morning I had to rely on luck to dodge the puddles.. and yet again it was the puddles that caused the problem. On at least six occasions I landed right in a big one and soaked the opposite foot. I may have swore out loud a few times.

My glasses had been soaked by the rain so I ran along not able to really see anything, and for some reason I kept my hands in my pockets for almost the entire run.

5.1km (27 minutes)

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