Thursday 5 January 2012

A message from Mo (Janathon day 5)

As I was about to get off my train this morning I spotted a discarded Metro (it's a free newspaper in the UK). On the front was a message from Nike Mo Farah.

So, with some inspiration in the bank, I headed off to work.

I decided to do today's run at lunchtime. The weather forecast had said that the morning's rain would clear and behind it we'd be left with a blue sky and sunshine. At 12noon I came out of my dungeon office to check the weather.. The blue sky had arrived. Great!

I got ready and went out into the crazy place.. you know, where the public are.

Nice and dry with a bit of sunshine for the first kilometre, but then some spots of rain came down. I can deal with this, I thought. Then rain got heavier, still ok. It will toughen me up. Then came the wind, which blew me around like a discarded paper bag. The worst point was when I had to cross Vauxhall Bridge.

The rain eased off towards the end of my run, but the wind did not.

The run was originally supposed to be a tiny little 3k affair, but in my usual style I changed it into a longer one at the last minute.

5.1km (24.45)

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