Wednesday 11 January 2012

Vegans don't eat cheese (Janathon day 11)

If you order that coffee shop favourite lunch item, the panini, the coffee shop will heat it up for you and place it on a plate (so far so good). They will then bring it over to your table for you to eat. This is when you discover that they placed a napkin underneath your panini. Now this may sometimes be fine. However, more often than not, and especially if you have a cheese*-filled panini, you may find that your lunch-time snack has been bonded onto the napkin.

Secondly, next to your panini-napkin combo, you may also find that you have been supplied with a knife. Can someone please explain to me what the hell I am supposed to do with this knife? I can't use it to cut the panini because they have not supplied a fork with which I could hold the panini still whilst cutting it. If I use my free hand to hold it, I'd have to let go almost instantly as the heat starts to bond my hand to the top of the panini or, if I manage to avoid the hand-bonding, the cheese* would cause my hand to suffer first-degree burns as it oozes out like molten lava.

So I must assume that the knife is not there for me to cut the panini, which leads to my next question... If the knife is not there for cutting the panini, what other purpose could it possibly serve?

My guess is that it's there to assist in the removal the napkin from the underside of the panini, once it has cooled down of course. By that time it will be long after lunch and you'll probably be fancying some cake.

*Vegans don't eat cheese.


Anyway, today I did this..

Lunchtime workout (using 2 x 6kg dumb bells)

Chest Press - 20/20 (that means I did two sets of twenty)
Shoulder Press - 10/10
Lateral Side Raises (shoulders) - 10/10
Tricep Extensions - 10
Bicep Curls - 10/10
Bent Over Rows - 10/10

Evening workout (body weight)

Push-ups - 10/10/10

But I stopped because my dinner was ready to eat. After dinner I continued with..

Tricep Dips- 30/10/10/br/20/20
The abdominal one where you bring your legs in and then up -10/10/10

That was day 11.

I already have mild DOMS in my upper body from the last few days of training. Do you love DOMS? I really really do.

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