Tuesday 10 January 2012

Repetition (Janathon day 10)

Week two of Janathon is going to continue to be a week of less running, but more body weight strength training..

View from the train

Day ten started with a run to the playground to do a body weight workout. I say run, it was more of a jog. As I was going straight to work after the workout, I was wearing quite a lot of clothes and my back pack. Not my favourite way to run, but it worked yesterday, and again it worked today. The route was extremely boring - about 1km (via the long route) to the park, and then laps (approx 400 metres) of some houses until my GPS hit my target time/distance.

The workout was pretty much the same as yesterday. 5 chin-ups - 10 push-ups - 10 squats. Then repeat a few times. Once done with that I headed off for the train station. I missed my preferred train because I got out of the house late, missed my back-up train because people in front of me walk too bloody slowly!! In the end I got on a train that got me into London about 10 minutes late.

I had plans to do some other stuff later in the day, but work etc took over and I didn't get around to doing the rest.

3km run (19 minutes - including stopping to take some photos)

5 x 5 chin-ups
5 x 10 push-ups
2 x 10 squats

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