Tuesday 28 February 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun thirty-seven

During the thirty-seventh Riddlesdown parkrun I...

... clocked up my 200th parkrun kilometre (that's 40 parkruns in total).
... completed 8 continuous months of parkrunning.


After last weekend's double whammy, I decided to take things easy during the week. In the end due to other commitments it worked out that I took five days off training.

just before half-way

The conditions were ok. The ground was still quite soft in places and there was some wind along the back straight, but nowhere near as bad as it has been over the last few months. There was some wind in places, but again it wasn't too bad.

Only ten more weeks until I earn myself one of these shirts

The run itself was not the best, but as I ticked off each kilometre I found that old aches and pains were resurfacing. Ultimately I had to slow my pace and my splits reveal that each kilometre got progressively slower as the run went on.

Mrs7t took charge of photography during the first lap but had to hand the camera back to Nicki so we could make a quick get-away at the end.

This is what the photographers get up to before the runners appear

We were upset to have missed the post-run tea and coffee, which was back at the good companions pub - now under new management, I hope it works out ok. I'm sure I even saw homemade cakes in the event photos, looks like we picked the wrong week to make other plans!


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