Tuesday 22 May 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun forty-nine

Continuing the current trend of anniversaries and milestones, this week was the 50th time mrs7t and baby7t had attended a parkun. Mrs7t has taken part in 8, volunteered at 18, and spectated at the rest. For baby7t the totals stand at 49 as a spectator/co-volunteer and 1 as a passenger during one of mrs7t's outings on the course.

On the morning of event 49, the weather was dry and the temperature was around 12 degrees.

I started from the back and took things fairly easy, but as usual I did increase my pace as the run progressed. By the time I reached the end I was in 21st position and had a sub-23 finish time, which I was surprised at.

My finishing position worked out quite good in terms of coincidence. I finished in 21st, baby7t was 21 months old today, and mrs7t is feeling 21 again.

Negotiating one of the remaining puddles [photo: Richard Carter]

Once across the line, I saw that mrs7t had taken over on 2nd photographer duty while Nicki looked after Holly - the dog that belongs to the day's official photographer.

baby7t was strolling around, but then decided to walk across the finish line just as some runners were approaching. I reached out and moved her to the side to save a collision. However, in the process I had upset her and she wanted nothing more to do with me. All she wanted now was mrs7t.

self portrait [mrs7t]

So I took over on 2nd photographer duty, I suppose that makes me 4th photographer on the day.

I snapped away at the finish line, trying to capture my fellow parkrunners just at the right moment. Some came out ok and some were destined straight for the trash can.

My instgram photo of the day turned into more than one, however the one that sums the day up best is probably the one taken in the Horseshoe afterwards, which poses the question - The real reason that we parkrun?

The real reason that we parkrun? [photo: me]

Many, many hours later we emerged from the pub and headed home to Tonbridge.

I had volunteered to write the event report, so I got stuck into that straight away and had it finished early the next morning. Must be some kind of record! You can read it if you like, it's on the Riddlesdown parkrun news page (it's at the top for now, but will gradually slip down the page as new reports are added).

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