Wednesday 16 May 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun forty-eight

Following my 50th parkrun last Saturday, and my 51st on the bank holiday Monday (7 May 2012). The forty-eighth Riddlesdown parkrun turned out to be another 'special' one.

The occasion was the 50th run of my parkrun streak. I started the streak at the first Riddlesdown parkrun (2 July 2011), which stands at 48. But when you add in the two extra events - Roundshaw on New Year's Day and Frimley Lodge, last Monday - you get the full 50.

Nestled safely in a pack of runners [photo: Gill Hallson]

My latest obsessive habit hobby is the photography app, instagram. This week they launched the tilt-shift effect for my version of the app (Android), so I have been a tad excessive in using it. Saturday gives me the opportunity to mix to two favourite obsessions interests, so I spent a few minutes before the run faffing around taking photos.

As usual, I started from the back, but today I was in no rush to get around the course. So much so that I even stopped at 3.1km to take a photo of the view across to Kenley, I then applied the tilt-shift effect - it's supposed to look like a miniature / model.

The view across to Kenley from the downs (taken with instagram)

I eventually strolled down the final straight 26 minutes and 30 seconds after the start of the run. I may even have been smiling as I crossed the line.

I spent a bit of time chatting at the finish line and then took some more photos, this is the one I chose as my #instagram #parkrun photo of the day. I've started to upload all of my instagram photos to one of my other blogs, so if you are bored have a look at my tumblr blog.

My parkrun photo of the day (taken with instagram)
Details of the 50 streak:

Days: 316
Weeks: 45 (rounded down)
Months: 10 months 11 days

I managed to attain a streak of 50 in 316 days, If everything goes to plan I may be able to achieve a streak of 50 in less total days due to there being are a couple of extra events scheduled over the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend. I will of course write all about it if it all works out!


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