Monday 30 July 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun sixty

Following my totally unexpected bespoke parkrun a few days earlier, I opted for another stint of volunteering for Riddlesdown parkrun's sixtieth event. The role that I was given was 'registration'. That means that I got to scan the runners' barcodes and their position tokens at the end of the run.

For one reason or another, the turnout was quite low (43) at the run today making it the third smallest event at the downs and the smallest this year so far. Maybe people were on holiday, or maybe they just stayed up too late watching the Olympics opening ceremony.

Matilda stayed with me at the desk and Mrs7t ran again. The conditions were ideal for the runners, but for the volunteers it was on the cool side. I had brought my jumper with me but in our haste to leave home on time we had forgotten to bring Matilda's jumper. In the end I gave her mine to wear and I wore her custom-made volunteers vest - it was snug.

Once the runners had done their bit my job got under way. Everything seemed to go to plan and before I knew it all runners had been scanned and we were on our way to the pub!

My number of different volunteering roles now stands at 6, I have volunteered at 17 events (three that required me to give up my run).

And lastly... I have decided to add a new goal to my parkrun list. It is to run an official parkrun (one that appears on your summary and counts towards your total number of runs) on every day of the week. So far this is how it looks;

Saturday - This goes without saying, I guess.
Sunday - Christmas day 2011 and New Year's Day 2012.
Monday - Bank holiday Monday at Frimley Lodge May 2012 / Diamond Jubilee bank holiday Monday
Tuesday - Diamond Jubilee bank holiday Tuesday at Nonsuch
Wednesday - NONE
Thursday - Bespoke parkrun at Highbury Fields
Friday - NONE

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