Wednesday 7 November 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun seventy-four

After a very poor night's sleep, I crawled out of bed. It was 5.30am. We were in the middle of moving house and I was stressing over wether I could fit all of our furniture into the storage unit we had hired. The van had been loaded (for the third time) the previous night ready for another run up to Purley Way to transfer into the storage unit.

I got myself ready and then woke up my brother - who was helping me with the move - and together we left the house at just after 6am and drove on the cold, empty roads into South London. At 6.55 we arrived at the storage unit, unloaded the contents of the van and by 8.15 were ready to make a quick pit-stop at a parkrun.

The options were Roundshaw (just across the road), Lloyd (just around the corner), or Riddlesdown (just down the road). I was very tempted to make Lloyd parkrun my 11th different parkrun venue, but in the end I decided that I fancied mingling with familiar faces and headed off to Riddlesdown.

I didn't do anything groundbreaking at the run. Just started fairly slowly and gradually increased the pace. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to really hammer out my fastest possible time so was content to just have a break from the stress of moving house. I'm happy to report that during the run I did not once think about how on earth I was going to get the wardrobes out of the bedrooms or fit everything into the storage unit!

 I did at one stage have to run through a pack of four german shepherd dogs, which I wasn't happy about, but I was side-by-side with Riddlesdown's 'the dude' so I felt a tad safer. Post-run there was no time for socialising, we jumped back in the van and headed off to fill it with more furniture.

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