Friday 22 April 2011

My Iliotibial Band Problem (2)

I thought it was about time that I posted an update on my ITBS issue. So these are the things I have been doing...

Break: I had a 1 week break from running. - The pain went away completely (as expected) but obviously NOT running isn't a long term solution to the problem. By the end of the break my body was aching (literally) to run again.

Strengthening Exercises: I was doing some hip hikes and other hip strengthening exercises but I must admit that the last week I have been slacking on these exercises, mostly because I've been at home and had no access to my gym (which is at work).

Stretching: I have been doing all the usual leg stretches plus I've added in the yoga pigeon pose position for opening up the hips (I get a really nice stretch in the glutes!). I really like this position and it helped give me some relief after a few of my runs. I'm going to continue with this one.

Foam Roller: I have been using my foam roller on my legs. - It does provide quite a good amount of relief after I have run and I am enjoying the process, so far it hasn't made any difference to the onset of the pain but I will continue.

It's a very depressing problem/injury which seems to have no one single method for resloving it. I'm running again but find it difficult to do much over 4km at any one time, and I may have to re-evaluate my plans to race 10k's and upwards this year. I defintely think running the Tonbridge half marathon in September - which I really want to do - is looking unlikely.

I found some information online that suggested that the way I position my legs while sitting in my chair at work could also be a factor, I find that I put my legs back under my chair - Apparently not good. I am making an effort to sit properly with my feet in front of me.

I've made a page that I can use for quick reference listing the different things I am doing to help get over this problem. You will see the tab for it at the top of the page. If not it's here.

Update 3 will follow very soon.

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