Sunday 10 April 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 4 April 2011

  • Monday: DB Workout - Shoulders/Back/Arms
  • Tuesday: Chest and Triceps ( Push-ups feet on ball / Machine Flyes / DB Chest Press )
  • Wednesday: Back, Biceps, Shoulders (Home with DB) and some Foam Rolling.
  • Thursday: Bodyweight Leg Workout
  • Friday: Chest, Back, Core, Legs and Foam Rolling in the gym. Plus more foam rolling in the evening.
  • Saturday: 4.79km Run - ( summary / map ) - IT band is slightly sore. Foam rolling throughout the day.
  • Sunday: 5.1km Run - ( summary / map ) - IT Band still tender. Foam Rolling before run, after run and throughout the day.
I had full week break from running in an attempt to give my right IT band a break.

I started foam rolling this week (my foam roller was delivered on Wednesday), I like it. It seems to help quite a bit after I have run but I'll talk about this more in my next it band update.

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