Saturday 7 January 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun thirty (Janathon day 7)

The fact that I ran at the Riddlesdown parkrun this Saturday will come to no surprise to regular readers of this blog. I think it would probably be more shocking if I didn't run.

the walk to the start line (photo: Mrs7t)

A slightly different plan today, instead of heading off on my lonesome, I had pre-arranged to run the course with another one of the regular runners, Chris. Our fitness levels are fairly well matched and if we had decided to go hell for leather we probably would have been fairly close together at the end.

The run today was always going to be more of a social run, and I'm glad we picked that option.

just before the half-way point (photo: Mrs7t)

While the front-runners tore away from the start line, we gently plodded along at conversational pace. Of course, starting at the back, we still managed to work our way through the field, but only as far as 26th and 27th positions overall (crossing the line at exactly the same time, which was nice).

making our way through the trail section (Photo: Pete Gibson)

Chris is unofficially* taking part in Janathon, and like me, does not usually run without taking rest days. So it is an interesting experiment for us both.

The wife was one of the official photographers today, so I have early access to around half of the photos. It makes finishing the blog post so much easier!

the baba hitched a ride on the mama's back today (Photo: copy7t)

And that's about it.. with all the back-to-back blog posting, I don't feel like making it a long one today.

5km (26.08)

*It may become official soon (as a late entrant).
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