Sunday 8 January 2012

Roadworks (Janathon day 8)

There are definitely some roadworks coming up in my running schedule. This purely because I don't think my hamstring is ready for this daily running streak that I have embarked upon. Janathon day 8 marks day 11 of this streak.

Tonbridge High Street this morning

At precisely three kilometres into my run I felt a slight twinge in my hamstring. Someone that hasn't been suffering with hamstring problems would probably just carry on and 'run it off'. I don't have the luxury of approaching it from this angle, so I took a walking break.

I walked for about 1.5km, the intention was to cut my losses and go straight home. However (there is always a however), the twinge had worn off and I eased back into a gentle jog. As I reached the front door I continued running. I thought I'd just make the total distance up to 5km.

I made it to the far end of the high street and still it felt ok. I went around the back of the high street and towards the industrial zone - still felt fine. I continued to run along without any discomfort. My pace can only be defined as very very slow. But that was fine, I was happy to be out there.

I finally made it back home and eased back into a walk to cool all the systems down.

I'm going to have a think about how to progress with Janathon/my running streak. I might have to revert to my previous running schedule and cross-train on the rest days (which I'm quite happy to do), or just reduce some of the training days down to 3km runs. We'll see what happens.

9.1km (including some walking - 58 minutes)

... and 52 push-ups.
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