Tuesday 10 July 2012

So near but yet so far (Lodz parkrun)

Although I am technically on a running break, while I was in Germany last weekend I realised that I was not too far away from the Lodz parkrun in Poland. They were running their second event (7/7/2012)

However, my warped version of 'not too far' turned out to be a 400km journey by road and I didn't have a car, the time or someone willing to drive the 12 hour return trip. Even if I could have reached a train station (we were in a tiny village miles away from anywhere significant), the journey would have involved numerous changes and at least a night's overnight stay, possibly two.

But still a tiny bit of hope stayed inside me....

....until we got to Friday and I finally had to accept that there was no way of actually getting there.

I have done some work (the undercover kind) and I see that there will be another Polish parkrun (Poznan) starting that is not too far from Berlin (282km by road) and may even have a direct train connection from Berlin. So next time I am in the part of the world (and I will be because we have family there) I will definitely be working a Polish parkrun into my plans. Of course if a German parkrun pops up that could change that plan.

And just for the record, I did have my barcode with me.

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