Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So near but yet so far (Lodz parkrun)

Although I am technically on a running break, while I was in Germany last weekend I realised that I was not too far away from the Lodz parkrun in Poland. They were running their second event (7/7/2012)

However, my warped version of 'not too far' turned out to be a 400km journey by road and I didn't have a car, the time or someone willing to drive the 12 hour return trip. Even if I could have reached a train station (we were in a tiny village miles away from anywhere significant), the journey would have involved numerous changes and at least a night's overnight stay, possibly two.

But still a tiny bit of hope stayed inside me....

....until we got to Friday and I finally had to accept that there was no way of actually getting there.

I have done some work (the undercover kind) and I see that there will be another Polish parkrun (Poznan) starting that is not too far from Berlin (282km by road) and may even have a direct train connection from Berlin. So next time I am in the part of the world (and I will be because we have family there) I will definitely be working a Polish parkrun into my plans. Of course if a German parkrun pops up that could change that plan.

And just for the record, I did have my barcode with me.


  1. Ryan Air fly direct from Gatwick to Lodz it's quicker to get their from the UK! Intrenational day trip to Lodz Parkrun any one? (Pete G)

  2. I'm not surprised that it's quicker from London - I didn't even think to check that! A long distance group parkrun day trip would be a great idea. We'll have to talk about this in more detail soon!


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