Monday 11 February 2013

Sat, Sun and rain

I haven't run for over a week because I have hurt my foot. I don't know what the problem is because I haven't had it looked at (I know, I know..). So running is out of the question because the top of my foot, near the toes, hurts when I push off. It's the same for walking and running although I can walk almost normally now that the initial pain has subsided.

I've read a few bits and pieces online, and 'stress-fracture' keeps popping up as a potential cause of my pain. If I can muster up the enthusiasm I might pop over to accident and emergency to get someone to poke it around a bit.

Saturday's cycling route

All week I have been saying that I'd go out on the bike instead, but every day I managed to come up with a different excuse not to (too dark, too wet, too tired, too cold). However, this Saturday I really needed to get some kind of exercise done. So at 9am, just as thousands of runners were starting their weekly parkruns, I set out on a bike ride with the plan to cycle along the north side of the river, cross Putney bridge and head back along the south side. That would have me back in Westminster in just over an hour and be a total of about 20-23km.

I started off by following the plan, but as I turned to head back along the South side of the river I felt as if I'd only just started to warm up. So I faffed around with my route in Battersea and ended up arriving back at Westminster 1 hour and 58 minutes after I started. I managed to ride 34.2km (21 miles).

I was signed up for the Kenley 10k on Sunday (rescheduled from 27 Jan due to snow/ice on the course) but I had to pull out, which is a shame because it had the potential to be a fast run and a possible crack at my 10k personal best.

In other news I was recently nominated as parkrunner of the week and the article appeared in this week's parkrun newsletter. You'll find me at the bottom of the news page.

Sunday's cycling route

I'm usually a fair-weather cyclist, but I went out on the bike on Sunday morning in the rain for just over an hour. I clocked up 23.2km (14 miles) and checked out the running track at Regents Park in the process, it is free and open to all, and I plan to use it for some speed sessions when my foot is better.

57.4km (35.6 miles) of cycling in two days is a new personal best. However, I'm taking a break on Monday because I now have a sore backside.

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