Monday 4 April 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 28 March 2011

  • Monday: Legs bodyweight (focus on hips)
  • Tuesday: 5km treadmill run (Right IT Band sore after 3.5km) ( summary )
  • Wednesday: Chest and Triceps
  • Thursday: Legs bodyweight (morning / lunch / evening)
  • Friday: Back and Biceps / Bodyweight legs (lunch) / Legs with ankle weights (evening)
  • Saturday: 3.9km run (IT band ok) ( summary / map )
  • Sunday: 8km country walk (knee/it band felt strange, with a slight wave of pain every now and then) ( summary / map )
Due to the IT band issue I reduced my mileage this week. At the end of the week it didn't really feel any better so I'm taking a complete break from running until at least next weekend.

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