Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Riddlesdown parkrun sixty-nine

The main goal of September 2012 was to try out a few more parkrun venues and over the first four weekends I did just that by running at Brighton & Hove, Hilly Fields, Orpington, and Eastbourne before finally returning to Riddlesdown where I volunteered as half-way timer and event reporter.

It was the second time that I had been the half-way timer at Riddlesdown parkrun. It is incredibly simple and there is no way you can do it wrong... unless your name is steve (that's me). I managed to call out everyone's half-way times correctly until the last few runners came along and then I screwed it up, but I noticed immediately and corrected my mistake. However, they weren't too happy because they thought they were a minute faster than they were and then when I corrected my error I saw their faces fill with disappointment.

While I was screwing up the halfway timing, Mrs7t was running the event and in the end ran her fastest time of 2012!

Once the run had finished I had to get on with the report writing. At first it was just a mass of stats but as the hours went by I managed to add in a few personal touches and by the Monday it was ready to send to the event director.

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